Mini Cafe concept Design

If you are planning to start a coffee shop business, now these young people really like hanging out, in contrast to the first of our time just hanging out at the coffee shop or on the edge of the bridge. Young people today prefer to hang out in mini cafe or slang term snow it hang out. By looking at the interests and needs are so vast, the young entrepreneurs start thinking about how that all generation scan mingle, but does not consider the eye. Now these coffee lovers do not just come from the older generation only, but now the younger generation also began to try to taste the flavors find a wide range of coffee, it creates a coffee shop that would be entered by anyone.

Indonesia is very rich with nature an done that is already known to the entire world is coffee badger. Coffee badger is a type of naturally fermented coffee through the badger droppings in mini cafe concept design is usually served in any. Coffee badger now becomes one of the much loved coffees in cafe. In addition, badger coffee prices are also very expensive, it is only natural because the process is somewhat more creators that are complicated and natural compared with other coffee. Talk about the coffee there is the most important thing in this element, which is the cafe concept of furniture design and implementation of your coffee shop. For those of you who want to make a coffee shop one’s love to get an idea or design. The design concept is very important, especially now this concept cafe or hang out made the now minimalist and modern, well the concept is exactly what we discusson this occasion.

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